R&D 100 Award Judging Process

The judging process for the R&D 100 Awards has a singular goal: to pick the 100 most significant new innovations from among the entries each year.

In a perfect world, every entry would be a winner. Unfortunately, since we receive an overwhelming number of entries every year, this is an impossible dream. But this dream helps describe the spirit in which each entry is judged.

Our judges' panels are composed of outside experts with experience in the areas they are judging, such professional consultants, university faculty members, and industrial researchers. They must also be unbiased and must possess no conflicts of interest with any entries they may be judging.

Dozens of outside judges participate every year, and the editors are always eager to add to the roster. The R&D 100 Awardees are selected based on high scores and positive commentary from the judges. The selection of the R&D 100 Awardees is not subject to outside influence and cannot be changed.

Call for Judges: 

Expert in electronics? Professional in process science? Do you breathe biotech? If you have an area of expertise (and better yet, interest) consider spending a couple hours of your time and helping us evaluate some of the best and most unique high-technology products of the year.

The R&D 100 Awards is over 50 years old, and the field of entries continues to grow. The competition has been intensifying with each passing year, and with more entries in 20 technology areas comes the need for more judges. Expect to see technologies like hybrid-electric machinery, transparent OLED displays, bizarre nanostructured materials, microscopes that can image proteins, and even inventions designed to help enable fusion reactions.

The reward is your name in our special R&D 100 Awards edition of R&D Magazine.

Apply to be a Judge for the R&D 100 Awards Here!