Huijia Health

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Huijia Health is a Smart Care Solution provider for elderly and babies.

It is based on its core technology” Non-invasive Fiber Optic Physiological Monitoring Technology”(nFOPT). This world’s first invention can be applied to babies and elderly home/institutional care and has been used in hospitals over five years. nFOPT can monitor sleep safety and health with no wearable devices, no electromagnetic wave, with high safety and accuracy. It can also combine with IoT functions and it responds to movements of the baby and elderly. It’s unique simple movement learning system provides elderly with a better quality of life and their dignity.

Application includes, smart pillow; mat; mattress; smart clothes; smart care room and smart care system. The best solution is Smart Care System that monitors and manages multiple beds or rooms in a cost-effective way and helps to resolve the shortage of caregivers problem by providing 24-7 auto rounds and allows care recipients an ability to receive quality care with dignity. (Awards obtained: 2016 APICTA Awards winner/National Innovative Award/ICT Month Innovative Product Award and Golden Award)