Keith Willett, MS

Head of Advanced Product Development
EMD Serono

Keith Willett, MS, is the Head of Advanced Product Development for EMD Serono in Coinsins, Switzerland. Keith is responsible for leading the human factors, systems architecture, software design and device engineering teams for the Medical Devices and Services organization. He is responsible for aligning digital strategies across various EMD franchises and turning their product vision into a portfolio that improves patient care. He is part of the team that is establishing the standards for demonstrating value to the franchises for their R&D spend.

Formerly, Keith was the Director of Software Engineering for EMD Serono, where he was responsible for leading a revolutionary platform for the patient care portfolio at Merck Serono. This platform utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) to consolidate drug delivery systems to utilize a single software platform enabling improved adherence to medications, gather, store, and analyze patient response to medications and recommend more effective treatments to the attending physician—turning the current model of Sick Care in Health Care.

Prior to EMD Serono, Keith was the GM & Director of Engineering Cisco International Ecublens, Switzerland. His responsibilities inlcuded the daily operations of the site and development of wireless products in the Cisco portfolio where he oversaw a R&D budget of $20M annually. Keith was a member of the Board of Directors for Cisco Sarl S.A. in Switzerland where the board oversaw $40M in offshore assets used for a combination of mergers and acquisitions and internal loans across Cisco for various R&D programs.

Keith also worked for Honeywell as Vice President of Engineering for the Novar brand in Honeywell before Cisco. Through his tenure he held several roles including Global Director Systems and Architecture, where he defined product system architectures for a $15B product portfolio with an R&D budget of $416M. Keith’s experience includes portfolio oversight, requiring him to work out how to do more with less.