Jeff James

Keynote Speaker
Vice President and General Manager
Disney Institute

Jeff James serves as vice president and general manager of Disney Institute, which is the professional development and business advisory arm of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. A 20 plus year veteran of The Walt Disney Company, Jeff is an expert in the company’s successful core competencies and values. Based in Orlando, Florida, he oversees a global team of Disney subject-matter experts who engage with clients by sharing Disney business insights focused on service, leadership and employee engagement.

Most recently, Jeff served as vice president and managing director for Disney Destinations International in London. He led the marketing, sales, public relations and finance efforts across the United Kingdom and Ireland for the portfolio of assets within Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Prior to his role in London, Jeff was the vice president of Travel Industry Sales for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. He originally led the sales team responsible for Disney Cruise Line, and was instrumental in supporting the team when it expanded to include Disneyland® and Walt Disney World®.

Jeff began his Disney career in 1996 and played a pivotal role as one of the founding executives of Disney Cruise Line. He served as the director of sales, where he provided executive leadership as the cruise line vastly expanded its domestic and European itineraries and added two new ships to its fleet.

Jeff has a bachelor’s degree in business and commercial recreation from the University of Colorado. He also has several professional licenses in the sales, insurance and real estate fields.

About Disney Institute: For over 30 years, Disney Institute has helped business professionals learn the Disney approach to customer experience. It’s rooted in time-tested business insights on leadership, employee engagement and service that create a culture of excellence at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Whether it’s individuals, teams or entire organizations, Disney Institute helps people around the world apply these business insights to improve their own customer experiences.