Vicki A. Barbur

Vicki A. Barbur, Ph.D., presented “Strategic Investment in Disruptive Technologies” at the first R&D 100 Conference when she served as Senior Vice President & Chief Technical Officer at Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) and was a member of the Senior Executive Leadership Team. Her efforts focused on building and directing the company’s technical capabilities, overseeing research and development activities, and maintaining a sound plan of technical organization.

Dr. Barbur earned a Ph.D. in physics from Imperial College, University of London, and a MSc in Applied Statistics from the University of Oxford, both in the UK. She also holds an Executive MBA in global executive leadership from Amos Tuck Business School, Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire as well as a BSc in Physics from Imperial College, University of London.

Prior to joining CTC in 2013, Dr. Barbur served as Vice President of Research and Development for the medical segment at Cardinal Health. While at Cardinal Health, she was responsible for the development of new products in the healthcare environment. She oversaw development platforms that utilized novel characteristics of materials and coatings to enhance barrier protection, improve strength, and increase absorbency.

She had previously served as Technology Director at Kodak for research and development efforts, focused on specialty products that included nanomaterials. Dr. Barbur is widely published in peer-reviewed journals and holds three U.S. and one European patent based on her work associated with applying novel statistical principles to processing methodologies.