Alex Peng, PhD

Vice President & General Director
Material and Chemical Research Laboratories, ITRI

Dr. Alex Peng is Vice President & General Director at ITRI, and is responsible for the strategic direction and policy implementation for Material and Chemical Research Laboratories (MCL). He began his career at ITRI in 1988 and his fields of focus include Energy Materials, Electronic Materials, and Strategy and R&D Planning. He has accomplished many research results, published 72 papers and is the inventor of 26 patents. Dr. Peng leads the R&D of passive components, etching, anodizing, conducting polymer solid capacitors, photovoltaics and lithium ion batteries. His persevering efforts in technology transfer helped Taiwan’s industries expand in global markets. Dr. Peng also actively promotes global collaboration between academia, R&D institutes and industry.

Dr. Peng was awarded The Best Project Leader and The Best R&D Project by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan. He is the recipient of the prestigious R&D 100 Award in 2009 for his research on the high safety STOBA lithium ion battery. Dr. Peng’s leadership and expertise in material science has led him to the following professional leadership roles: currently serving as the President of Taiwan Corrosion and Protection Association and formerly President of Taiwan Battery Association. Dr. Peng studied Chemical Engineering at Taipei Institute of Technology and received a Master in Science and a PhD in Material Science from Manchester University, UK in 1987.