Session 1-B

12 Trends in the Science of Managing R&D Product Development

Wednesday, November 2, 2:00 - 2:50 PM

Speaker(s): Bradford Goldense

New technology, new products, and new services cross in front of our eyes every day. Were they the result of changing or improved management approaches?  In some cases the answer is yes, but for many it was an accidental discovery or sometimes just plain luck. Medium and large companies cannot sustain growth in revenues and profit by hit or miss management. Industry leaders are typically two decades ahead in their thinking versus industry laggards, and sometimes it is three decades.

This presentation will examine a dozen trends being fleshed-out by industry leaders in their quest to remain as innovation leaders in research and product development.

One trend will completely upend how the requirements for new products are gathered and vetted. Another trend will change how customers perceive the value of the products they buy. Several trends together will likely change the organization structure of today's corporations in the next ten years. If you seek systematic repeatable innovation in this new age of rapid prototyping, agile techniques, big data, biometrics, genomics, neural science, and the Internet of Things (IoT), internalizing these trends early on may possibly speed up your company’s adoption and change rates.

The existence of Big Data, combined with industry’s progress to achieve The Internet of Things (IoT), will transform today’s common perceptions of “products.” Multiple layers of software and sensors will be built atop and around every product, greatly changing the scope and resources necessary to achieve business success.

Continued miniaturization and the ability to print products will gradually overtake most industries, transforming downstream development. The 25-year trend of companies becoming more open is now affecting R&D.

In the decade ahead, just like operations folks do already, make vs. buy decisions will become an everyday norm for product developers. The technical and functional competencies of technical managers, leaders, and product creators will change significantly to compete.

This exciting future will be addressed in this session through the discussion of 12 trends that are already starting to affect the science of managing R&D and Product Development.

  • See a future vision of corporations when Big Data and The Internet of Things (IoT) come to fruition.
  • Learn the differing effects of the IoT digital overlay on companies that compete in different industries.
  • Internalize 12 pervasive trends that will transform the construct and structures of companies today.
  • Envision the long run “death of operations” as printing technologies and miniaturization take hold.
  • Understand the fundamental changes to core, technical, and functional competencies that are needed.
  • Know emerging approaches to maximize productivity in a globally and locally distributed work force.
  • Inventory the technologies and products, and their growth rates that will enable IoT transformation.