Session 3-C

A Material World: Exciting Advances and Implications for the Future

Thursday, November 3, 10:40 - 11:30 AM

Speaker(s): Linda Sapochak

It is well understood that material researchers draw from a variety of backgrounds—with expertise in a number of disciplines, for example, biology, chemistry, engineering, geology, manufacturing, mathematics, and physics.

From this foundation, they explore the quantum and classical worlds at length scales ranging from the atomic and molecular to the macro in the pursuit of new knowledge about our solid-state world. The next new communication device (cell phone, television, personal fitness monitor), automobile (electric and hybrid vehicles), and key transportation structure (roads and bridges) that we rely on everyday exists because of advances in materials. Consequently, we live in a “material world” and increasingly, as society's needs become more complex, so do the demands on materials researchers.

Fundamental scientific advances in materials occurring serendipitously, resulting from use-inspired research, and through cross-fertilization of ideas and knowledge between disciplines and modes of study (i.e., experiment, theory, modeling, data-mining) will be presented. The opportunities and challenges for materials research due to our ever-connected world—demanding accelerated translation of discoveries to the development of future technologies while considering the implications on society, environment, and economies—will be addressed.