Fostering the Next Generation of R&D Professionals: UC/Los Alamos Entrepreneurial Postdoctoral Fellowship Creates New Business Leaders

Friday, November 16, 2:40 - 3:30 PM

Speaker(s): Antonio Redondo, PhD

Room #: Madison

The UC/Los Alamos Entrepreneurial Postdoctoral Fellowship is a unique program to mentor new entrepreneurs while at the same time creating new companies from exciting R&D advancements. It is targeted at existing postdoctoral researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory to gain skills in entrepreneurship and commercializing technology. This program incorporates training and mentoring during the first six-month period, culminating in a focused six-month full-time Fellowship aimed at creating a new business in Northern New Mexico.

This presentation will highlight this entrepreneurial program and demonstrates how it provides a different dimension and new experience for the next generation of scientists and engineers—not only to strengthen national scientific and technical capabilities, but also to add an entrepreneurial aspect to their experience. It also is an excellent way to jumpstart the commercialization of new technologies out of the R&D lab and into the real world.

The Fellowship addresses the Laboratory’s need to foster more frequent and better quality transitions from science and technology research into new businesses and technology products, particularly within the Northern New Mexico region. It prepares young scientific leaders in the skills necessary to excel in high-tech commercialization and entrepreneurship. Through a two-phased approach, Phase 1 offers education and training to develop business knowledge to better steer early research directions along a path that will increase the possibility of adoption. Phase 2 is the focused six-month Fellowship for selected postdocs with the goal of creating or participating in a new entrepreneurial venture or joint collaboration with industry partners.

Phase 1: DisrupTECH is a series of coaching activities by experienced investors and entrepreneurs to provide targeted guidance for R&D scientists to polish their research for presentation to funding partners, learning to refine their story, hone their pitch and sharpen presentation skills. National Laboratory Entrepreneurial Academy (NLEA) offers intensive business concepts training for Lab technical staff on how to develop, analyze and validate the commercial potential of their research and technology, and offers advising by business experts and experienced entrepreneurs to further develop their business concepts.

Phase 2: The second phase is designed to facilitate the exploration and evaluation of a Los Alamos technology for commercialization. It is an introduction to the transformation of new knowledge and inventions into viable commercial products and services utilizing the Lean Startup Method.