Special Session #2: The Tech Match Sprint

Friday, November 16, 1:15 - 2:30 PM

Room #: Grand Ballroom I

Following Thursday’s in-depth Tech Scout Relay Panel, this special session will provide hands-on examples of typical emerging technologies that form an important part of the R&D landscape and technology transfer process at many R&D institutions. These technologies are readily available for Technology Scouts to investigate and assess alignment with respect to their company or business strategy needs.

Each of our invited technology transfer professionals will present “real” technologies that are readily available today in this unique exercise, which will demonstrate how these new technologies can be and are presented to interested parties for subsequent transfer and licensing. This session will be a customized, rarely seen inside look—from the point of view of a variety of types of organizations—into the inner workings of technology transfer. Each professional will present up to four sprints, and each sprint will last approximately 5 minutes.

Introducing the Panelists:

Peter Christenson, PhD
Deputy Director for Licensing, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 

Technologies to be presented include:

  • Electricity infrastructure analytics
  • Bio-based chemicals
  • Solid phase processing
  • Fish and small animal tracking
  • Nano-materials for life sciences

Matthew Simon
Licensing Manager, Engineering & Physical Sciences, UNHInnovation, University of New Hampshire

Technologies to be presented include:

  • Versatile Spectrum Sensing Method for Cognitive Radio
  • Improved Opto-Coupler Design with Enhanced Performance
  • Novel Chiral Cellular Structures with Tailorable Auxetic Effects Under Large Deformation

Andrea Adkins
Assistant Director, Technology Transfer University of Central Florida 

Technologies to be presented include:

  • Connected vehicles
  • Engineered materials
    • Additive Manufacturing, 3-D printing
    • Agricultural bactericides
  • Robotics

Vicki A. Barbur, PhD (Moderator)
Senior Director, IP and Technology Commercialization, Commercial Business, BATTELLE

Technologies to be presented include:

  • Enhancing efficacy for Genomic Profiling as a precursor to Precision Medicine
  • CASAE – Computational Analytic Sharing Architecture & Ecosystem delivering predictive analytics in sensitive fields like health   
  • Social Radar and Support for Intelligent Cities