Special Session #3: Digging into the 2019 Global R&D Funding Forecast: Exploring Leading Strategies for Creating New R&D Budgets

Friday, November 16, 3:40 - 4:30 PM

Room #: Grand Ballroom I

The 2019 Global Funding Forecast (GFF) offers rich ground for a deeper discussion within the R&D community and top leadership as it reveals trends, changes and challenges in the landscape worldwide. For the first time, the R&D 100 Conference is bringing together a panel of experts who will share how R&D budgeting trends impact their own organizations and work in the field. Looking at the executive highlights of R&D Magazine’s GFF preview as well as their own experiences, they will dig deeper into the trends to watch.   

This panel will provide insights by experienced domestic and offshore industrial and government R&D managers for creating new R&D budgets for 2019 and 2020. All aspects of R&D will be discussed—and will include the recruitment and retention of skilled R&D personnel; the estimating, generation and justification of R&D operating costs; the calculation and required documentation for R&D-based capital expenditures; and the current status of R&D grants and proposals.

Information will be provided on the status of R&D-based taxes, deductions, credits, incentives and the short-term outlook for R&D budget growth. A discussion of how new technologies are impacting R&D budgeting plans will also be a highlight of this presentation. Each panel member will provide a short talk on R&D budgeting trends in their own immediate work organizations. This will be followed by a series of key questions posed to the panel by the moderator and concluding with a Q&A session with the audience.