Lift-Off: How Fostering Industry Partnerships Fueled a New Cutting-Edge University Laboratory for Aerospace Advanced Manufacturing

Thursday, November 15, 3:50 - 4:30 PM

Room #: Vesey

MSU Denver has been preparing students to become part of Colorado’s urban workforce for over 50 years. The Aerospace Engineering Sciences Building is a true partnership with Colorado’s industry leaders in advanced manufacturing and aerospace. Not only did the University engage industry in the programming and design of the labs, but also in building the curriculum for its new Advanced Manufacturing Sciences Institute.

This facility and the curriculum being taught through the institute will be a “game changer” for manufacturing in Colorado because it provides flexible maker-spaces that encourage iterative, changing interaction between students, faculty and industry essential in an evolving economy. Nurturing such places for collaboration fosters self-sustaining curriculum enrichment.

In this session, the panel presents a tangible case study of partnership between higher education, local civic leadership and industry that demonstrate the inherent project opportunities from strategic visioning, conceptualization and financing through design and construction.