CRISPR’s Impact on Society and Science

Thursday, November 16, 11:15 - 12:00 PM

Speaker(s): Matthew Clark, PhD

Room #: Swan 10

CRISPR is dominating headlines, and it will continue to do so, both in scientific publications and in the lay press. The latter will drive curiosity and fantasy—for example, a recently released “thriller” novel focuses on CRISPR, and Jennifer Lopez is said to be working on a television series based on the technology. But more importantly, for scientists who can keep pace with the rapidly shifting landscape, the burgeoning number of studies will spur and inform new research, bringing CRISPR that much closer to the clinic.

As the groundswell behind CRISPR grows, pharmas and biotechs will need to have systems in place that enable their R&D teams to make the most of new insights and rapid developments in the field. There are several ways that we can maximize the potential and minimize the risk of this new technology, including increasing the ability to mine biological data, increasing collaboration, collaborating on regulatory requirements, thinking ahead, and of course, patience.