R&D TTF: Changing the Culture: Accelerators and Incubators as Catalysts for Disruptive Innovation

Friday, November 17, 11:45 - 11:55 AM

Speaker(s): Nick Dougherty

Room #: Osprey Ballroom

Innovation Bridging, Accelerators and Incubators are creating a new class of environments that revolutionize the way in which innovation takes place in R&D programs. The aim of these entities is to emphasize the diversity of ideas, spawn an array of differentiated technologies, and grow the collective capabilities that can be leveraged by others for success.

The challenge to date has been how do well-established companies with their existing traditional models for progressing R&D programs take advantage of this growing landscape of external entities successfully? There are myriad ways in which companies have attempted to create integration models that lead to partnerships and collaborations, yet the dynamics of well-established companies are often slow to respond. They often lack the ability to be agile and flexible or the aptitude to invest and assume risk so common in start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures. Is it possible to change this culture?