General Session #4

Reimagining the Drug Discovery Process: Disruptive Innovation in Microcosm

Friday, November 17, 10:10 - 11:00 AM

Speaker(s): Layton H. Smith, PhD

Room #: Osprey Ballroom

The drug discovery process and overall strategy for finding new medicines is ripe for disruptive innovation. The combination of economic pressures and difficult scientific challenges have decreased productivity, while costs have exploded. In this context, a new ecosystem is emerging today. Innovative technologies, new business frameworks and consumerism are poised to overcome traditional barriers in early drug discovery and deliver the medicines of tomorrow.

This presentation will explore how these disruptions are addressing critical bottlenecks in the early drug discovery process. We will also show an example of their application to a large ecosystem, as presented in case study format in an area of Orlando known as Lake Nona Medical City, a 650-acre health and life sciences park that has become home to some of the nation’s top hospitals, universities, research institutions and health and life science companies.

The intended audience for this presentation includes R&D executives, R&D scientists, members from the patient advocacy community, policy makers, and academia representing diversity of thought, perspective and expertise who are interested in learning about new tools and strategies to overcome impediments and drive new innovation.


• Application of emerging technology platforms to test targets of interest and construct a molecule to fit

• Breaking down silos within your organization, with others in the development pipeline, and with competitors

• Learn about integrating the end-user into the drug discovery process