R&D Technology Transfer Forum (TTF): Unlocking the Potential

Friday, November 17, 11:15 - 12:25 PM

Room #: Osprey Ballroom

The federal science and technology budget is sizeable—some $135B of public funds are invested annually to improve security, create jobs, develop higher standards of living, and unlock new discoveries that serve as a foundation for future innovations. The majority of the national investment in S&T today is by the private sector.

These circumstances present an opportunity to leverage successes in transferring technologies from the government to the private sector. This will generate a higher return for public funds by creating an environment where we encourage, seek and maximize prospects for transfer.

Approaches to overcome the obstacles and barriers encountered with such technology transfers are now practiced routinely. This special forum session—presented in five individual topic sections—will explore some of these processes as well as highlight ways in which to minimize the potential for roadblocks.