Transformational Innovations for Energy, Information & Communication Industries

Thursday, November 16, 2:30 - 3:20 PM

Room #: Swan 10

The fields of materials, surface and data sciences provide immense potential to enhance the safety, reliability and performance of our products. Technology innovations make a mark in many ways that benefit the consumer in their daily lives, and the impact of transformational innovations cannot be underestimated. Wire and cable products, for example, play an important role in connecting and powering our country’s communities. Power grid modernization and our insatiable appetite for faster access to information, in combination with the development of relevant disruptive technologies, have accelerated innovation in wire and cable products.

These disruptive technologies have been embraced by the General Cable Corporation in an open innovation model to leverage them and allow for collaboration with partners who are equally passionate about providing game-changing solutions to customers and the public.

This presentation will provide examples of high-level, new technology innovations that will enable the faster adoption of disruptive technology driven trends such as renewable energy integration, fifth generation mobile networks (5G), Internet of Things (IoT) and Autonomous vehicles. A few examples of these innovations will be discussed in detail such as General Cable’s Edison Gold Award winning E3XÒ Technology, the utility industry’s first heat dissipating overhead conductor that can transform the power grid through higher efficiency and sustainability; and EfficienC™ Max Power Over Ethernet (PoE) solutions with industry first Underwriter Laboratories Limited Power listing that provide high performance for interoperability of IoT devices for next generation building and construction.