IoT Health: Body Area Networks for Pervasive Health Monitoring

Thursday, November 16, 11:15 - 12:00 PM

Speaker(s): Kamran Sayrafian, PhD

Room #: Mockingbird

Recent advances in miniature-sized microelectronics have created the opportunity to build ultra-small sensing and actuating devices that can be worn on or implanted in the human body. Adding communication capability to such devices allows the possibility of performing more complex functions by connecting multiple devices to each other or to the external IT infrastructure.

This technology can be used to continuously gather and process a variety of important health or physiological data. It enables a revolutionary set of applications such as “smart pills” for precision drug delivery, assistive medical micro-robots, vision restoration, brain-machine interface, neuro-prosthetics and more. The need for human subject involvement, energy limitation and interoperability issues are among the many challenges that these new technologies are facing. This presentation will provide an Information & Communication Technology (ICT) perspective and address some of these challenges along with an overview of relevant ongoing activities at NIST’s Information Technology Laboratory.