Bridging the Gap in Precision Medicine: Connecting Researchers With Biospecimens Through Technology

Thursday, November 16, 2:30 - 3:20 PM

Room #: Parrot

Data show that more than 80 percent of researchers limit the scope of their work due to inadequate supply of human biospecimens. At the same time, millions of specimens pass through the healthcare system each year, but end up thrown away or banked indefinitely in biorepositories. These specimens could be put to better use in research, but hospitals and other organizations often lack the reach to do this—denying patients the full opportunity to participate in research that may benefit them, their family members, and other patients like them.

Technology that matches researchers who need specimens with the healthcare providers who have access to them presents a brand-new opportunity in life science research today. To support research and development efforts surrounding the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases, this new technology revolutionizes the way biospecimens are sourced. Using iSpecimen’s proprietary technology, procurement is streamlined and researchers are able to find the specimens they need, while giving provider groups the opportunity to contribute to medical research as well as their bottom line.

This presentation will discuss the state-of-the-art technology that drives this innovation, which serves researchers at biotechnology, pharmaceutical and academic institutions globally, and offers a way to advance disease research. Using a powerful, multi-faceted search platform, it enables medical researchers to intuitively search millions of available human biospecimens and solves one of the research industry’s biggest challenges—how to compliantly find and obtain quality biospecimens in a cost-effective manner.