Welcome Remarks & Opening Keynote Address

Perils, Pressures and Productivity: How R&D Needs to Reposition Itself

Thursday, November 16, 9:00 - 10:00 AM

Speaker(s): Scott Kirsner

Room #: Osprey Ballroom

As the world of R&D becomes even more challenged by internal and external forces, we'll explore—from the CEO’s point of view—how expectations for R&D organizations and labs are changing—and how R&D leaders can exceed those expectations. All individuals involved in the R&D process will be inspired to bring back new ideas to their workplaces and address the question of how to pivot in today’s climate.

This Keynote will explore how organizations such as Disney, General Mills, Amazon, Boeing, J&J, Shell, Xerox, AstraZeneca, and ThyssenKrupp are changing the way they innovate, with impressive results. We’ll also get the audience involved!

This leadership presentation is geared to R&D managers and senior executives responsible for delivering results and engaging with management as well as outside entities (startups, university researchers, etc.) Researchers engaged in R&D across industries will also gain insights into the path to successful ROI and productivity. We'll discuss the tools, techniques and new approaches that some corporate innovators are using in 2017, as well as how they're measuring actual progress and engaging constituents throughout the organization—and beyond its walls.

Takeaways include:

  • Better understanding of the business side of R&D and CEO expectations

  • Approaches that Fortune 500 companies are using to deliver results by building ecosystems inside and outside of the organization

  • Learn about research reports related to creating strong ties between the R&D and the business units

  • Tactics for reporting on innovation/R&D progress