R&D Directions: AI Applications in Leading-Edge Research

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been changing people’s lives for decades, but never has AI felt more pervasive than now. Seemingly every week there is yet another robotic system that has overcome a hurdle, or outperformed its human counterparts. The full potential of robotics technology has only just begun to be realized, and it’s about to change at an unprecedented rate, according to many industry projections. A key to this potential transformation is the integration of a number of advanced new technologies. While a future dominated by AI could be deemed challenging, the opportunities it presents in the R&D cycle is one of the most important aspects of transformation in the leading-edge research and the initial development of new advancements. Experts believe AI could solve climate change, help the paralyzed walk again, eliminate currently inoperable medical conditions, explore new worlds—the list is endless, and it is just the beginning.

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