R&D Leadership Strategies: 2018 Global Funding Forecast

R&D investments are the key to innovation—and the long-term and short-term investments made by industry, government and academia for the coming year in 2018 are no less important than for any other year. These investments are oftentimes crucial in many areas for ensuring the long-term economic growth and even the survival of many organizations. For 2017, these organizations have been confronted with tightening budgets and new federal regulations, data security concerns, limited resources, rapidly changing technologies, expanding competition, increasing environmental constraints, and ever-increasing costs.

R&D Magazine’s Global Funding Forecast, published since 1959, is a significant indicator of future trends providing insights and key information that examines the specific challenges for 2018, potential winners and losers in the R&D arena, and the potential short- and long-term consequences of these investments. This exclusive report provides reliable data on more than 100 countries, along with summaries on industrial sector trends, academic research and specific “hot” technology regions around the globe as well as detailed spending plans by U.S. government agencies. Exclusively previewed here for this audience, the 2018 Global Funding Forecast will arm attendees with key trends and analysis of proprietary data in multiple technology areas from members of the global R&D community and technology and economic reports to bring back to their workplace for actionable goals and strategies.  

2018 Submissions are Open!