Thought Leadership Session 4-C

Forces Shaping Industry: Shale and Sustainability Are Creating Change

Thursday, November 3, 11:40 - 12:30 PM

Speaker(s): Mark Jones

Sustainability and the renaissance of fossil energy brought about by the shale boom are the dominant forces shaping industry in the U.S. today. To some, they are at odds. Customers are demanding more sustainable products. Industry is responding with more sustainable solutions, increasing resource and energy efficiency through innovation in both products and processes, while prudently using shale-based resources. 

Sustainability is a question of time, integrating knowledge of production, use and end-of-life. Far too often, hype has surpassed reality, boundary conditions have been neglected and actions taken that don’t truly lead to a sustainable future.

Quality engineering forms the foundation for any meaningful discussion of sustainability, providing insights into energy and material flows, energy return, and thermodynamic constraints.  Mastery of materials science enables unique energy producing and energy saving products, products that improve sustainability by being significantly better than the next best alternatives during use.