General Session #4

Virtual Materials: Making Impossible Dreams a Reality

Friday, November 4, 10:30 - 11:15 AM

Speaker(s): Hal Hikita

The demand for faster innovation and better performing products today exceeds the performance envelope of available materials, and therefore requires a new generation of materials. At the same time, the rapid and widespread progress towards commercializing disruptive production approaches such as additive manufacturing and 3-D printing are also driving the need for novel materials. 

As the design envelope widens, creating materials purposefully designed to perform means engineering the atomistic basis of matter at scales for which matter cannot readily be observed, and then propagating complex material physics and behavior across multiple scales. 

Hence, virtual materials are required to pragmatically leverage the multiscale and multiphysics science needed to engineer innovative materials and processes, and to accelerate these innovations to market expeditiously and cost-effectively. This means unlocking synergies between modeling and experimentation for novel discovery and high-throughput screening, virtual design against “what-if” scenarios, virtual test for safety and stability, ensuring traceability and compliance, and guiding subsequent experiments.