XTPL ultraprecise printing of nanomaterials

Organization: XTPL SA
Year: 2018

XTPL ultraprecise printing of nanomaterials is a pioneering printing system designed to make it possible to precisely apply to the printing surface a special ink formulated for this purpose in the company’s laboratories. Under the influence of an external electric field, nanoparticles in the ink create conductive lines according to the specified parameters. As such, the thickness of the individual lines, their length and the distance between them all vary depending on a specific application. Using XTPL’s unique method, conductive lines can be created thinner than 100 nm up to 15mm—a level of precision that cannot be replicated by any other printing method in the world. This technology has applications in printed electronics, touch screens, wearable electronics, smart packaging, automotive, biosensors, medical devices, anti-counterfeiting and open defect repair especially for solar cells, integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, multichip modules, and photolithographic masks. 

For more info: http://xt-pl.com/