Web-based HURREVAC (HVX)

Organization: MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Year: 2018

Tropical cyclones pose potential impacts to regions spanning from Texas to New England and the Caribbean to Hawaii, causing loss of life and billions of dollars in damage annually. Federal, state, local, and tribal emergency managers handle the challenge of planning for tropical cyclone impacts by developing detailed evacuation plans, preparing staff through training exercises, and evaluating real-time forecasts to determine if evacuations are necessary. Each of these tasks were previously performed on separate platforms that did not share the same interfaces, data standards, or product integration. Web-based HURREVAC (HVX) is a one-stop system that enables anywhere, anytime, any-device access for emergency managers. The new system is applicable in a variety of contexts, including performing evacuation studies, planning, training, making evacuation decisions, and responding to impacts. The ability to utilize HVX as a multipurpose tool allows users to become familiar with the interface, reducing the need for training on multiple tools and processes. HVX’s advanced analytics, such as its storm surge explorer and evacuation zone-based impact assessments, embedded simulations and training, and clear and concise graphics, tables, timelines, charts, and reports will improve the ability of emergency managers to evaluate and execute evacuation needs, potentially saving lives and speeding recovery.

 For more info: www.ll.mit.edu