Very Large Scale Integration Process for Superconducting Electronics

Organization: MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Year: 2018

The technology that produces today’s conventional computers is rapidly approaching physical limits, prompting a search for a computing platform that can outperform its predecessors. A promising candidate is superconducting logic, which relies on precisely engineered microscopic switches called Josephson junctions (JJs). MIT Lincoln Laboratory’s Very Large Scale Integration Process for Superconducting Electronics—known as single flux quantum (SFQ) 5ee superconducting —enables unparalleled integration scale and performance for superconducting digital, radio frequency (RF), and mixed-signal electronic circuits for multiple applications. This breakthrough fabrication process for superconductor electronics features fully-planarized, deep sub-μm superconducting multilayer interconnects and JJs—setting world records for both number (809,000) and density (1.3×106 JJ/cm2) of JJs in superconducting digital circuits. Its current and future applications include high clock frequency/low energy dissipation integrated circuits for high performance computing, state-of-the-art travelingwave parametric amplifiers and superconducting interconnects and interface circuits. It could also be applied to larger arrays of highresolution X-ray microcalorimeters and superconducting sensors, sensor arrays, and imagers.

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