VDMA: Video-based Dynamic Measurement & Analysis

Organization: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Year: 2018

Determining the impact of dynamic loads on civil, mechanical, and aerospace structures—such as bridges, cars, and airplanes—is critical. Accurately measuring a structure’s responses to dynamic loads can lead to better, more efficient design and ascertain the structural “health” of such systems. VDMA: Video-based Dynamic Measurement & Analysis is a revolutionary new way to measure dynamic response. The technology takes digital videos of vibrating structures and extracts high-spatial-resolution vibration/dynamics information, such as displacement time histories, natural frequencies, damping ratios, and mode shapes. Compared to other similar vibration measurement techniques, VDMA achieves higher-spatial-resolution—at the pixel level—and dynamic response measurements at a computational speed at least one order of magnitude faster than any competing method. It also works automatically, requiring no user supervision and is able to function in non-ideal, real-world application environments.

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