Organization: CHZ Technologies, LLC
Co-Developer(s): Kunststoff und Umwelttechnik GmbH
Year: 2018

Thermolyzer converts hydrocarbon-based wastes into clean energy. This energy is in the form of a clean synthesis gas which can be used for process heating, refrigeration, or for generating electricity with internal combustion engines or gas turbines. Thermolyzer is environmentally sustainable and destroys toxic components in those wastes. The byproducts of the Thermolyzer process are all usable, salable and clean: for electronic circuit boards the char consists of all the metals, precious and electronic; for tires, it’s carbon black and steel; for wood it’s a valuable “biochar” that improves agricultural yields and can become a huge market; for plastics, the char can be used as coke for steel mills or cement kilns. Thermolyzer technology reduces heretofore land-filled waste, impacts U.S. energy supply, creates jobs, and sparks economic development.

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