The Frequency-scaled, Ultra-wide, Spectrum Element (FUSE) Phased Array

Organization: The MITRE Corporation
Co-Developer(s): Navy Research Lab
Year: 2018

The Frequency-scaled, Ultra-wide, Spectrum Element (FUSE) Phased Array is a new wideband phased array antenna aperture that costs less and improves performance over comparable technologies by leveraging a novel element design and advanced manufacturing technologies. The design’s frequency and array size can be scaled to transmit and receive wideband data for various commercial and government applications. Improvements include reduced element height, lower cross-polarization, high power handling, and elimination of costly radio frequency connectors. In addition, the additively manufactured version of FUSE has the potential to significantly reduce cost and weight. The scalability of FUSE allows for the aperture to be integrated into variety of systems, both large and small, for both commercial and governmental organizations. For example, MITRE’s partner on this project, the U.S. Navy Research Laboratory, envisions using FUSE technology as an essential part of a large shipboard multi-function system, while commercial space companies are evaluating FUSE for satellite communications from shoebox-size satellites.