The Atomic Forge

Organization: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Year: 2018

The Atomic Forge is a fabrication approach that repurposes the scanning transmission electron microscope to pattern matter down to the atomic level, create 3D nanometer-scale crystalline structures, and create controllable atomic assemblies in 2D and 3D—all in the bulk material—using a combination of STEM electron-beam modification, custom beam control, and real-time feedback. This innovation represents a new paradigm for atom-by-atom matter assembly in 2D and 3D materials based on direct atomic manipulation via an atomically focused electron beam. Unlike scanning tunneling microscopy assembly, this approach can work within the bulk of a 3D solid. This approach can be implemented on ~1000+ STEM platforms worldwide, ensuring scalability and rapid growth, and can provide the ultimate tool for direct realization of end-of-roadmap and beyond Moore’s Law technologies, quantum computing devices, and fundamental studies of matter on the atomic scale.

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