SWiCK Zoom

Organization: Sandia National Laboratories
Co-Developer(s): Naval Research Laboratory
Year: 2018

SWiCK Zoom (Sandia Wide-angle quiCK Zoom) provides true optical zoom without adding an additional camera or a heavy, power-hungry zoom lens. The system was built with up to 8X optical zoom using a Sandia-patented technique that can toggle back and forth between zoom states in milliseconds using almost no power. This technology could revolutionize imaging in applications where other zoom approaches simply do not work well. In addition to using separate cameras, or manually putting a separate lens on a camera, changing the magnification and field-of-view can also be accomplished with a zoom lens. The technology could be utilized in fast-moving drones, where a wide field-of-view is preferable for navigation purposes to have situational awareness and avoid obstacles, but high resolution is required for tasks such as looking for cracks along a bridge or reading a bar code. Due to its ability to rapidly change optical resolution and field-of-view on a millisecond time scale, it is also ideal for use in autonomous navigation and will replace the multiple cameras that are used in current state-of-the-art systems.

For more info: www.sandia.gov