Spheryx xSight

Organization: Spheryx, Inc.
Year: 2018

Spheryx’s xSight uses novel technology to provide insight into the properties of particles suspended in fluids. xSight’s unique characterization capabilities take the guesswork out of product development and provide improved feedback for process control, resulting in better products, improved safety, reduced waste and enhanced profitability. Spheryx’s xSight instrument uses Spheryx’s patented technology, Total Holographic Characterization (THC), to measure the size, shape and composition of microscopic colloidal particles dispersed in fluid media. Colloidal dispersions take center stage in many industrial sectors, ranging from pharmaceuticals and food to semiconductor processing and petroleum refining. Spheryx’s xSight meets the previously unmet need to analyze and differentiate the many different kinds of particles in complex realworld dispersions. This insight into the characteristics of particles is invaluable for product development, process control and quality assurance.

For more info: https://spheryx.solutions/