Q-Link Variable Frequency Drive

Organization: Franklin Control Systems
Co-Developer(s): Franklin Electric
Year: 2018

The Q-Link Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) was specifically designed for the HVAC industry, primarily to control fan motors. VFDs are energy saving motor controllers that allow motors to ramp up and down based on demand, as opposed to a traditional starter that runs a motor at 100 percent during any operation. What separates the Q-Link from previous VFDs is that it benefits greatly from smartphone technology. The Q-Link was designed from the ground up to meet the challenges that commissioning agents and facilities engineers face when programming and maintaining HVAC systems. When commissioning the Q-Link, the app walks users step by step through a linear start-up process without having to scroll up and down through dozens of parameters. If any problem is encountered, tech support can be called right from the app, and techs can see exactly what is going on with the drive through a report generated from the app. At the end of the set-up experience, a commissioning report is auto-populated and can be emailed to anyone immediately. This can save a significant amount of time as in the past, commissioning agents had to manually go through all the settings and write down parameters. The app also significantly enhances safety while servicing the VFD when it’s installed in an enclosure with other components. Being able to monitor and adjust the VFD without opening enclosure virtually eliminates the risk of arc flash associated with servicing traditional drives.

For more info: www.franklin-controls.com