Oscillating Heat Pipes for High-Power Electronics Thermal Management

Organization: ThermAvant Technologies
Co-Developer(s): United States Air Force Research Laboratory, Space Vehicles Directorate (AFRL/RV)
Year: 2018

Waste heat from advanced electronics limit system performance. This is true for computers, consumer electronics, and aerospace systems—especially satellites, where some components, such as digital signal processors, run at just 10 percent of their terrestrial performance levels simply because running them any higher will result in overheating and failure. Further complicating this situation is the fact that components continue to shrink in size concurrent with their increased in performance, thus making the heat problem more challenging. Oscillating Heat Pipes for High-Power Electronics Thermal Management provides revolutionary improvements in cooling performance, thereby enabling next-generation electronics to operate at their maximum performance levels in a broader array of applications than otherwise possible. Oscillating Heat Pipes provide both the mechanical support and thermal control in a single package. The innovation retains the simplicity, ultra-high effective thermal conductivity of conventional, wick-based heat pipes but with improved power limits, structural integrity and available form factors.

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