ORISE Tissue Retractor System

Organization: Boston Scientific Corporation
Year: 2018

The ORISE Tissue Retractor System (TRS) is used in conjunction with other endoscopic tools to help overcome the technical challenges and steep learning curve associated with performing Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (ESD), a procedure developed to resect laterally spreading colorectal pre-cancerous or cancerous colorectal lesions larger than 20 mm in diameter. The ORISE TRS was designed to enable the physician or nurse/technician to retract and stabilize left colon lumen to enhance dissection procedures, allowing colorectal lesions to be removed endoscopically. The ORISE TRS may facilitate endoscopic single piece removal of select pre-malignant and early malignant colorectal lesions and may significantly decrease the risk of serious complications, such as bleeding and perforation, associated with ESD. The innovation could significantly facilitate the adoption of ESD as a standard of care for removal of certain colorectal lesions.

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