Organization: Quantum Design Inc.
Year: 2018

As nanotechnology moves from the laboratory into commercial products, the tools used to test and measure at the nanoscale become increasingly important. Working at the nanoscale poses challenges, which always increase when measurement scales shrink significantly and new factors come into play. Achievable resolution, measurement accuracy and sensitivity are very much affected by thermal, mechanical and electrical disturbances at these sizes. OptiCool is a cryogenic system that was designed to address these challenges and provide unprecedented optical access to sample specimens in a highly automated, low vibration, magnetic and temperature platform. This new revolutionary system is meant to integrate two or more experimental techniques to measure correlated information from a sample at the same measurement point under the influence of a wide range external stimuli such as temperature, magnetic field, pressure, electromagnetic radiation etc. The OptiCool will enable researchers for the first time to carry out experiments that were not previously possible with the highest levels of sensitivity, flexibility, easy-to-use automated operation, and unprecedented versatility.

For more info: www.qdusa.com