Olympic SmartGuard

Organization: PPG
Year: 2018

Olympic SmartGuard combines innovative resins and formulation to maximize ease and convenience in protecting wood surfaces, as well as concrete patios and composite decks. The perceived difficulty and mess associated with sealing a deck using conventional products are major barriers to consumers taking on the project. Unlike traditional stain products, SmartGuard has a spray-on application; there is no brushing required. While traditional products require 24-48 hours of dry time before the surface can be put back in service, SmartGuard dries in as little as one hour after application. In addition, the SmartGuard formula is a blend of resins not typically used in the wood care category, chosen and formulated to maximize water-repellency and penetration. Typical penetrating sealers don’t repel water as well at the surface, and filmforming sealers at this price point live almost completely at the surface and so begin to erode in as little as three months. In contrast, SmartGuard protects a surface from water infiltration, but in the case of wood, also penetrates to protect from within. The wood remains permeable to the evaporation of water trapped within, and in contrast to a conventional coating, is not stressed and strained with the expansion and contraction of wood through cyclical weather conditions. This cycling leaves the conventional coating susceptible to cracking and peeling, and the substrate vulnerable to damage.

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