Novogro Bone Graft Substitute Putty

Organization: Osteonovus, Inc.
Year: 2018

Novogro Bone Graft Substitute Putty is a bone graft substitute for filling bony defects, such as those resulting from trauma. The product is hydrated with sterile water and gently packed into bony voids. The material then resorbs in situ and eventually new bone replaces it. At the core of the technology development is a composite made up of three different synthetically produced ceramic materials, which is used in a granular form for implantation. The composition of the composite was strategically chosen to achieve the optimum rate of resorption, so that the rate of new bone growth and the dissolution rate of the ceramics is the same. The granules are mixed with a bioresorbable polymer, which dissolves prior to the resorption of ceramic phases. This action creates macropores in the intergranular space. These macropores allow for cellular infiltration and tissue in-growth to the center of graft mass, followed by mineralization of tissues and remodeling of new bone during the natural bone healing process.

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