Organization: National Institute of Standards and Technology
Year: 2018

Tomography is a widely utilized non-destructive method to determine the structure of complex samples. One area it is often used is to observe the distribution of a hydrogenous material within a mineral matrix in porous media. NeXT (Neutron and X-ray Tomography system) exploits the fact that X-rays primarily interact with material through the electron cloud while neutrons primarily interact with material through the strong nuclear force. When applied to porous media, the combination of X-ray and neutron image contrasts is highly advantageous, as X-rays have high sensitivity for the mineral matrix, while neutrons have high sensitivity for the hydrogenous components. Thus, by combining the image data sets from both probes, a more complete understanding of a multi-phase sample can be obtained. In particular, one is able to conduct more robust segmentation of complex materials to improve structural or flow models.

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