New Superhard Q-carbon and High-Temperature Superconductor

Organization: Q-Carbon, LLC
Co-Developer(s): North Carolina State University
Year: 2018

New Superhard Q-carbon and High-Temperature Superconductor is harder—as much as 70 percent—tougher and more adherent than diamonds, making it an ideal coating for nextgeneration cutting tools. The higher hardness is derived from a higher number density of atoms per unit volume, and higher toughness is derived from its amorphous structure. Q-carbon is used as protective coatings on tungsten carbide (WC) and steel cutting tools for high-speed machining and oil and gas exploration. Since Q-carbon is totally biocompatible, it is also used in protective coatings for hip and knee joints. It is also used for polishing diamonds and related materials due to its higher hardness and toughness than diamonds. The innovation also has applications for high-temperature superconductors. B-doped Q-carbon-based superconductors are used for devices ranging from superconducting qubits for quantum computing and sensing to power transmission. B-doped Q-carbon can handle as much as 43 million amperes per square centimeter at 21K in the presence of a two Tesla magnetic field.

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