Monitor and Diagnose Framework for Manufacturing Processes (MDFMP)

Organization: Institute for Information Industry (III)
Year: 2018

Monitor and Diagnose Framework for Manufacturing Process (MDFMP) is stream computing optimization analytical software designed to increase yield and leverage overall production performance in the manufacturing industry. With its parameter optimization technology, MDFMP first identifies the key parameters of the production process, collects and analyzes heterogeneous data from various machines, then applies mathematical models to suggest best resource combinations for the product lines. Throughout the course of data collection, the system provides more accurate analysis each time. The manufacturing process becomes more flexible which contributes to better production performance and shorten the time of manufacturing. MDFMP is able to process production data including machine status, sensors and visual images to build analytics models. The scalable storage framework allows manufacturers to collect a large number of non-synchronization, heterogeneous and fast-paced characterized data simultaneously.

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