Mobile Universal Grid Analyzer (m-UGA)

Organization: University of Tennessee
Co-Developer(s): Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Year: 2018

Mobile Universal Grid Analyzer (m-UGA) is a multi-functional situational awareness technology designed to assess the electric power grid health in real time based on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It acts as a combination of a distribution-level phasor measurement unit (PMU) and a power quality meter to capture dynamic grid behaviors and monitor customer-end power quality. m-UGA can be installed virtually anywhere with regular 120-V power outlets—the kind that are common in offices and personal residences— and can also be used for high-voltage power system monitoring with a wireless sensor. No extensive installation procedures are required. All these features enable the wide application of m-UGA to achieve a full view of the power grid across the utility boundaries as well as a micro view of any residential household. m-UGA also offers a suite of both real-time and offline data analytic functions to process large volumes of measurement data received from each mobile device. It also provides interface to implement customized applications using the realtime measurement data.

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