mmWave radar sensors

Organization: Texas Instruments
Year: 2018

The millimeter wave (mmWave) radar sensor portfolio includes five single-chip complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) solutions with a complete end-to-end development platform. The portfolio has applications in automotive radar, factory, building automation systems, and smart infrastructure. In addition, this sensing technology can be used to transform existing capabilities in growing areas such as medical equipment, tank-level sensing, robotic vision and drones. mmWave radar sensors provide smart, highly accurate stand-alone sensing with less than a 4-centimeter range resolution, range accuracy down to less than 50 micrometers and range up to 300 meters. A broad portfolio of five devices allows developers to select the right solution for their design needs, while reducing power consumption and board space by 50 percent. The mmWave 76- to 81-GHz single-chip sensor portfolio can dynamically adapt to changing conditions, bring multi modal functionality to avoid false positives and deliver ranges of sensing to multiple applications. The IWR1x and AWR1x mmWave sensors can sense accurately through plastic, dry wall, clothing, glass and many other materials, and through environmental conditions such as lighting, rain, dust, fog or frost. The mmWave software development kit (SDK) includes sample algorithms and software libraries which simplify designs through less than 20 simple application programming interfaces. By leveraging the mmWave SDK platform, engineers can start developing their applications in less than 30 minutes.

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