Mirage IR Microscope

Organization: Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp.
Co-Developer(s): Light Light Solutions, Boston University, Naval Research Laboratory, Notre Dame University
Year: 2018

Mirage IR Microscope provides infrared (IR) wavelength independent spatial resolution, highly sensitive IR measurements and transmission quality absorption spectra in reflection mode. It can simplify sample preparation, eliminating the need for thin samples and enabling measurement of thicker samples and improving measurement turnaround times. The Mirage IR Microscope operates via the direct detection of the photothermal infrared (PTIR) response of a sample to exciting IR radiation. PTIR uses a visible light probe laser to detect the photothermal response when a mid-IR pulsed, tunable laser source heats the sample. PTIR eliminates several longstanding limitations of IR microscopy, enabling submicron IR spectroscopy in a non-contact measurement, minimizing sample preparation, and producing spectra with no band shape distortions due to scattering effects. PTIR can be used in both transmission and reflection mode. Currently, its primary method of operation is in reflection mode. This provides substantial benefits for the IR community, including the ability to examine thick samples without IR band saturation and enabling submicron spectroscopy.

For more info: www.photothermal.com