Organization: MELD Manufacturing Corporation
Co-Developer(s): Aeroprobe Corporation
Year: 2018

MELD was developed to overcome the limitations of existing metal additive manufacturing technologies. While tradition metal additive manufacturing requires melting the material—a process that can cause weakness— MELD makes the materials malleable without reaching the melting point, creating parts that have better mechanical and structural properties. This also expands the types of materials that can be additively manufactured. This freedom offers the ability to rethink how particular materials are used for various applications and in what combinations. While other processes can be considered no-melt, they are substantially slower than MELD and have much narrower material options. Furthermore, these processes require special vacuums and chambers to operate due to the presence of lasers. MELD is an openatmosphere process, meaning a MELD machine can be placed and operated virtually anywhere there’s enough space for its footprint. Additionally, as there no powder beds or special chambers needed for MELD machines and the equipment can be scaled up to manufacture parts much larger than other processes.

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