Light Curable Coatings

Organization: Ohio Soybean Council
Co-Developer(s): Light Curable Coatings (LCC), Quick Cure Protective Coatings, Redwood Innovations
Year: 2018

The current floor coating market is dominated by two-part epoxies, with polyurethanes, acrylics and polyurea/polyaspartics also in the market mix. However, customers are looking for environmentallyfriendly products with faster cure times and longer pot lives. Light Curable Coatings is a high-performance coating for both floor and wall surfaces that incorporate biorenewable raw material content based on soybeans.The coating has no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), no solvents, no chromium compounds, no isocyanates, and no toxics release inventory (TRI) components. The product provides significant advantages over its competitors, including significantly faster cure rate, extended pot life, and reduced expense.

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