Organization: NASA Glenn Research Center
Year: 2018

LEWICE3D is a software solution to predict ice accumulation on 3D aircraft surfaces, given flight and meteorological conditions representing an icing cloud. This is the first time that 3D shapes have been modeled to analyze their propensity to experience icing conditions during flight. Icing is a major problem in aerospace design and engineering because it can negatively affect an airplane’s aerodynamic performance, stability and control, and handling. The LEWICE3D software improves safety and decreases time-to-market for aircraft design by more comprehensively and accurately predicting ice accumulation than any other modeling package available. The software uses information about the airflow surrounding the body of interest to calculate trajectories of approaching water droplets, the mass and energy transfer processes at the surface of the body, and the resulting ice accretion shape. With this analysis, designers and engineers can vastly improve the effectiveness of design and streamline the process of attaining Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification, thereby saving a tremendous amount of both time and cost.

For more info: www.nasa.gov/centers/glenn