Large Field-of-View Bench-top 3D X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging System

Organization: Sandia National Laboratories
Year: 2018

The Large Field-of-View Bench-Top 3D X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging (XPCI) system is a novel imaging tool for the inspection of low-density materials. Up to this point there has not been an effective way to image these materials in a non-destructive manner. The key to extending conventional x-ray imaging to low-density materials— which are normally transparent to x-rays—is to measure the change in the phase (or wavefront) in addition to the intensity of the x-rays. One method of capturing x-ray phase data is the implementation of a grating interferometer in the x-ray path. The enabling technology for this grating interferometer approach is uniquely fabricated gratings. This allows XPCI to be done in a laboratory with a bench-top system as opposed to being limited to synchrotrons, which are expensive and equal to many football fields in size. The innovation features fabricated gratings with high aspect ratios over a large area, enabling large field-ofview (FOV) XPCI 3-D tomography, and greatly enhancing the imaging of critical, low-density materials.

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