Lambda OBC Optical Beam Combiner

Organization: Sutter Instrument
Year: 2018

The Lambda OBC (Optical Beam Combiner) is the first of its kind to offer the combination of any type of light source that can be coupled with a light guide—such as high-powered LEDs, arc lamps, flash lamps, and lasers— in any configuration without the need for a dichroic ladder. These light sources can be used either simultaneously or sequentially to achieve the desired spectra and intensity, with no need to reconfigure the optical hardware when a different light source is used or installed. The Lambda OBC is ideal for the industrial, life science, or biotechnology customer who uses a light source to analyze, observe or control an object, specimen, or living cell. Because it is compatible with all major microscope systems and software, it is well suited to pharmaceutical and other high-throughput screening and live cell imaging research, especially in the fields of optogenetics and neuroscience.

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